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Xiaolong Paper & Cardboard

Xiaolong Paper & Cardboard

We can provide all kinds of custom paper and cardboard, including gray cardboard, duplex board, white cardboard, corrugated cardboard, colored paper, kraft paper, offset paper, newsprint paper, etc., we not only provide the raw material but also provide processing, die-cutting, laminating, design, printing services for our customers, the final product is a paper box, file folder, photo frame back plate, books cover, storage box, samples, lining board, partition board, jigsaw puzzle, clothing lining boards, greeting cards, certificates, invitations, calendars, cement bag, paper bag, envelope, books, textbooks, magazines, etc.

Types of Paper & Cardboard



Cardboard is made of various kinds of pulp and interwoven with fibers. The difference between paperboard and paper is usually based on the GSM and thickness. Generally Speaking, the GSM exceeds 250g/m² and the thickness is greater than 0.5mm are called cardboard.
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The development of paper has also gone through a tortuous process.Paper is classified into printing paper, packaging paper, industrial paper, office paper, living paper and special paper according to its use.
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Cardboard and Paperboard: What's the Difference?

Cardboard and Paperboard: What's the Difference?

We often use paper and cardboard for packaging. But these two terms are different. Let us define these two and see what the difference is.


Paper is made up of cellulose (the substance in woods) and it is not water-absorbent. It is also used for writing material. The GSM is lower than 250GSM, the thickness is lower than 0.5mm.

Card Board

Cardboard is a hard material made up of wooden material and it is used for manufacturing boxes, and for some other packaging. One common thing between paper and cardboard is that they both are extracted from paper. So they are products of paper but they both differ in a lot of ways. The GSM exceeds 250g/m² and the thickness is greater than 0.5mm are called cardboard.

Xiaolong Cardboard and Paper Advantages

Fast Delivery

We have 1000 tons of stock and 20 production lines to make sure the delivery time, Generally speaking, our lead time is 7days for 20ft container, 15days for 40 ft container.

Good Quality

We have a strict quality assurance system to ensure the product quality. Every step is inspected by quality inspectors, so the customer complaint rate is controlled within 1%.

Customized services

We have a professional technical team to design products, provide product feasibility segmentation to avoid unnecessary losses for our customers.

Paper & Cardboard Applications

Types of Xiaolong Packaging Paper
Packaging Paper
The packaging paper mainly includes Duplex board and kraft paper, which are mainly used to make paper boxes to package food, clothing, cosmetics, perfume, etc.
Types of Xiaolong Printing Paper
Printing Paper
The printing paper mainly includes Duplex board and white cardboard,which can be printed to different design according to customer’s requirement.
Types of Xiaolong Book Paper
Book Paper
The book paper mainly includes white cardboard,Offset paper and Newsprint Paper,which can be print and made into various books, magazines and newspapers.
Types of Food Grade Paper
Food Grade Paper
The Food grade paper mainly includes kraft paper,which are mainly used to make Paper bag, lunch box.
Types of Paper Clothes Hanger
Paper Clothes Hanger
The Paper clothes Hanger is made of kraft paper, White Cardboard,Duplex board and Grey Cardboard. Most of it is used in hotels, clothing stores and some temporary clothes ironing
Custom Packaging & Printing
We not only provide raw materials, but also provide printing and customization services for our customers. We have professional printing equipment and team assist and support.
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Looking for high-quality custom paper & cardboard? Xiaolong will be your good choice!

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