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Jewelry Packaging

As a high-end fashion jewelry, jewelry needs to be protected in the market circulation for easy storage and transportation. According to this requirement, jewelry needs packaging design, first, to enhance the beauty, second, to design the outer packaging of jewelry;

  1. Jewelry packaging design should be based on the product, combined with the characteristics of the product itself, determine the packaging form according to the volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors, shape the personality and temperament of the jewelry brand, and fully reflect the attributes of the product.

  2. Jewelry packaging design should not only solve the aesthetic problems such as shape and color, but also solve a series of problems such as structure, materials, cost and technology. The materials used for daily jewelry packaging include wood, high-density board, plastic plexiglass, acrylic acid, cloth leather, velvet, paper grey cardboard, art paper, leather paper, etc.

Gallery of Paper & Cardboard Used in Jewelry Packaging

jewellery paper box
jewellery paper box wholesale
jewelry box packaging paper
recycled paper jewelry boxes
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