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Paper Boxes

Paper Boxes

To a large extent, paper boxes is used to promote and beautify goods and improve the competitiveness of goods with its beautiful shape and decoration. The raw material is pulp, and ordinary corrugated paper is mostly used to hold goods, which can be recycled. It is widely used as the sales package of food, medicine, electronics and other products.

How To Make A Paper Box?

How To Make A Paper Box?

  • To determine the raw materials, which can be Kraft paper, Duplex board, white cardboard,Art paer, Corrugated paper, etc.

  • Printing. Food cartons are generally flexographic printed, which is environmentally friendly. The 4-6 color flexographic printing machine can basically print all the patterns.

  • Die cutting. A roll die-cutting machine is required, and the width of the roll paper generally does not exceed 950mm. One machine can cut different cartons.

  • After die cutting, there are pieces of paper, which are directly placed on the carton forming machine for forming. If the paper box is with window pasting, a window pasting process is also required.

Paper Box FAQs

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    How to fold a paper box?

    The Die cutting paper box folded into sheets.

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    What is the advantage of paper box?

    1. Ornamental.

    The paper box not only has the advantage of multiple materials, but also can develop various patterns in the process, bringing people a strong appreciation.

    2. Waterproofness.

    Use carton packaging to better protect the product from collision damage and better preservation. The carton can be coated with film, which can be waterproof and reduce wrinkles.

    3. Color variability

    Multi color printing is used on the surface of the carton, and various patterns and styles can be customized according to customer requirements.

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    What is Xiaolong paper box advantage?

    Fast delivery with good quality, free design and more choices.

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