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The Price Increase Letter in September Has Come: the Maximum Increase is 200 Yuan / Ton, Led by Whiteboard and White Cardboard

Analysis on Influencing Factors of price rise:

(1)In this cycle, China's waste yellow paperboard market continued to rise, mainly due to: 1. Frequent price increase letters in the downstream finished paper market and improved demand, supporting  the increase of waste paper price; 2. At present, the traffic control in areas with high risk of public health events is still strict, the arrival volume of paper mills is still low, and the purchase intention of paper enterprises is high; 3. The bullish expectation on the floor is not reduced, the willingness of some suppliers to ship is reduced, and the arrival volume of paper enterprises is difficult to increase significantly.

(2) The low inventory of small and medium-sized paper enterprises supported the confidence of price rise.

(3)Students will start school soon, the impact of rain and epidemic situation will subside, and consumption in most industries will pick up.

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