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Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard Wholesale

Custom corrugated cardboard paper is a type of paper-based material that consists of two flat sheets of paper with a layer of fluting in between. corrugated cardboard types are used to make packaging materials and containers, as well as for decorative and protective purposes. Corrugated cardboard is also used for signage, displays, and other applications. It is lightweight, yet strong and resistant to crushing and tearing. It is also easily cut and shaped, making it versatile and cost-effective. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Corrugated Cardboard Advantages

Corrugated Cardboard Advantages

Corrugated cardboard is a lightweight, yet sturdy material that offers many advantages. It is strong, durable and recyclable, making it a popular choice for packaging and shipping products. It is also lightweight, meaning it reduces shipping costs. It also provides cushioning to protect products during transit. In addition, it is cost-effective and easy to customize. It is also waterproof and resistant to moisture and pests, making it a great choice for storing items for extended periods of time.

What Is the Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard?


  • Cardboard Wholesale:

    Cardboard type is a generic term that refers to a heavy-duty paper-based material. It can be made from various types of paper fibers, including recycled paper pulp, kraft paper, or even a combination of different materials.

  • Corrugated Cardboard Wholesale:

    Corrugated cardboard type is a specific type of cardboard that consists of three layers. It has a wavy inner layer called the "corrugated medium" and two flat outer layers called "liners." The corrugated medium is responsible for the strength and rigidity of corrugated cardboard.

Strength and Durability:

  • Regular Cardboard:

    Regular cardboard is generally thinner and less durable than corrugated cardboard. It is suitable for lightweight applications such as making small boxes, folders, or backing for notepads.

  • Custom Corrugated Cardboard:

    Corrugated cardboard is much stronger and more durable due to its unique structure. The corrugated medium provides excellent resistance to bending and compression, making it ideal for heavy-duty packaging and shipping needs.


  • Cardboard: Regular cardboard is commonly used for simple packaging, displays, signs, and lightweight crafts.

  • Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard is widely used for heavy-duty packaging, shipping boxes, moving boxes, storage containers, and other applications that require robust protection and stacking strength.


  • Cardboard: Regular cardboard is more flexible and can be easily bent or shaped for various craft projects.

  • Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard paper is less flexible due to its rigid structure, making it less suitable for intricate crafting but more reliable for structural integrity.

In summary, corrugated cardboard is a specialized type of cardboard with added strength and durability due to its corrugated structure. It is the preferred choice for packaging and shipping applications that require enhanced protection and support for the items inside. Regular cardboard, on the other hand, is more suitable for lightweight uses and crafting projects.

What Is Corrugated Cardboard Used For

  • Packaging and Shipping: Custom corrugated cardboard is primarily used for packaging and shipping purposes. It is used to make boxes, cartons, and containers to protect and transport goods safely during storage and distribution.

  • Moving Boxes: When people move residences or businesses, corrugated cardboard boxes are often used to pack and transport belongings securely.

  • Point-of-Sale Displays: Corrugated cardboard type is used to create eye-catching and temporary displays for products in retail stores.

  • Storage and Organization: Corrugated cardboard boxes are commonly used for storage and organization in homes, offices, and warehouses.

  • Protection for Fragile Items: The shock-absorbent properties of corrugated cardboard make it an excellent choice for packing fragile items like glassware, electronics, and artwork.

  • Furniture and Home DIY Projects: Some people use corrugated cardboard paper creatively for making furniture prototypes or DIY projects.

  • Insulation: In construction, corrugated cardboard thick can be used as a form of insulation or a temporary protective layer during renovations.

  • Eco-friendly Initiatives: Corrugated cardboard paper is biodegradable and recyclable, making it a popular choice for environmentally conscious packaging and projects.

  • Crafts and Art Projects: Corrugated chipboard can be used in crafting and art projects, such as creating sculptures, models, and school projects.

  • Layer Pads and Pallet Sheets: Corrugated cardboard can be cut into layer pads and pallet sheets to provide added protection and stability to palletized goods during shipping.

Corrugated Cardboard FAQs

  • Q

    How long does corrugated cardboard last?

    Corrugated cardboard lasts up to several years if stored and handled properly.

  • Q

    What materials are used to make corrugated cardboard?

    Corrugated cardboard is made of paper and recycled materials.

  • Q

    How is corrugated cardboard recycled?

    Corrugated cardboard is recycled by shredding, pulping and remaking into new cardboard.

  • Q

    What is corrugated cardboard?

    Corrugated cardboard is a paper-based material consisting of three layers—a wavy inner layer (corrugated medium) sandwiched between two flat outer layers (liners). This unique structure gives it exceptional strength and durability. It is widely used for packaging, shipping boxes, displays, and various other applications that require robust protection and support.

  • Q

    What is corrugated paper?

    Corrugated cardboard is also known as corrugated paper. It describes a particular kind of paper-based material with three layers: two flat outer layers (liners) and a wavy interior layer (corrugated medium). The material's increased strength and durability are a result of its corrugated structure, which makes it perfect for packaging, shipping boxes, and other uses that call for strong support and protection.

  • Q

    What is corrugated cardboard made of?

    Liners: The outer layers of corrugated cardboard are called liners. These are typically made from strong, high-quality paperboard, often referred to as Kraft paper or testliner. The liners provide a smooth surface and contribute to the overall strength and appearance of the cardboard.

    Corrugated Medium: The wavy inner layer of corrugated cardboard is called the corrugated medium. It is made from a different type of paper known as corrugating medium. This medium is typically made from recycled paper fibers or a combination of new and recycled fibers.

    Adhesive: To bond the liners and corrugated medium together, a starch-based adhesive is used. This adhesive is applied to the tips of the corrugated medium, and then the liners are pressed onto it to form a stable and strong structure.

    The combination of these three layers and the unique corrugated structure gives corrugated cardboard its excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for various packaging, shipping, and protective applications. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is an environmentally friendly material as it is primarily made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable.

  • Q

    What does corrugated cardboard look like?

    Corrugated cardboard has a distinctive appearance due to its unique structure. When you look at the edge or cross-section of corrugated cardboard, it resembles a series of parallel wavy lines, which are known as flutes. These flutes are formed by the corrugated medium, which is the wavy inner layer of the cardboard.

    The flutes are sandwiched between two flat outer layers called liners, which are smoother and provide a uniform surface on both sides of the cardboard. The liners can be white, brown, or any other color, depending on the type of corrugated cardboard used.

    Overall, corrugated cardboard has a recognizable rippled or wavy appearance on the inside when viewed from the edge, and it typically has a plain, smooth surface on the outside, making it suitable for printing, labeling, or adding other types of decoration.

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