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Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are an innovative and economical packaging solution for a variety of products. Made from high-quality, durable paper, they provide an attractive and secure way to package and transport goods. Their cylindrical shape makes them easy to stack and store, and their lightweight design makes them ideal for shipping. With a wide range of sizes and designs, paper tubes can meet the needs of any business, from small shops to larger corporations. Make your product stand out with paper tubes!

Parameters of Paper Tubes

Thickness0.5-3 mm or customized
Outside Diameter20-1000 mm or customized
Inner Diameter15-1000 mm or customized
Paper TypeCraft Paper
Printing HandlingMatt Lamination
FeatureRecycled Materials

Features of Paper Tubes

1. Durability: Paper tubes offer excellent strength and durability to withstand a variety of packaging needs.

2. Versatility: Paper tubes can be used for a wide range of items, from cosmetics to food products, to industrial and medical supplies.

3. Customizable: Customizable printing options as well as shapes and sizes make paper tubes an ideal choice for any packaging need.

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