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Gift Packaging

Most of the gift Packaging produced are paper packaging. As a packaging material, paper packaging has many advantages.

  1. The raw materials for the production of paper and paperboard are natural, rich in resources, low in cost and suitable for large-scale mechanical production;

  2. Paper and cardboard are easy to cut, fold, glue or staple to form cartons, cartons, paper bags and other packaging containers with different shapes and functions

  3. The surface of paper and paperboard is flat and can be printed with beautiful patterns, which is conducive to promotion

  4. Paper and cardboard packaging materials are non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, safe and hygienic.

Gallery of Paper & Cardboard Used in Gift Packaging

small paper gift box
small paper box for gift
gift paper storage box
oem paper gift packaging box
paper box for gift packaging
paper gift box
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