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120gsm Offset Paper Wholesale

120gsm Offset Paper is a lightweight and versatile paper that is perfect for a wide range of printing applications. It has a smooth, uniform surface that produces sharp, crisp prints with excellent color reproduction, making it an ideal choice for book printing and other commercial and promotional printing jobs. Whether it's used for book printing, brochures, or magazines, 120gsm Offset Paper has the strength and durability to produce vibrant and long-lasting printed materials.

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Parameters of 120gsm Offset Paper

120gsm Offset Paper Parameters
Physical propertiesUnitTolerance
Stiffness(CD)  ≥mN.m2
Surface water absorption(Cobb60)≤Positiveg/m232
Printing surface strength ≥m/s2
Sizing degree ≥mm0.75
SmoothnessPositive ≥mm230
Back ≥30
Folding resistance ≥Times8
Dirt count ≤pcs/m25

Feature of 120gsm Offset Paper

120gsm Offset Paper is a lightweight but strong paper that is known for its excellent printability and uniformity. Its smooth surface makes it easy to print on, and its opacity ensures that text and images appear crisp and vivid. Its robustness and durability make it ideal for high-volume printing. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it perfect for mailing and shipping. 

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