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1 mm thick cardboard

1mm Grey Cardboard Wholesale

Xiaolong 1mm grey cardboard is a high-quality, heavy-duty cardboard that is perfect for a wide range of creative, crafts, and creative projects. The 1mm cardboard sheets are thick and rigid, making it ideal for use as a backing for paper crafts, mounting artwork, and making 3D projects. The 1 mm thick cardboard is also ideal for making custom boxes, cases, and frames. The grey color gives this cardboard a professional look, and it is easy to cut, score, and fold.

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Parameters of 1mm Grey Cardboard Sheets

1 Mm Thick Cardboard Sheets
1mm Thick Cardboard Sheets Descriptions
Physical propertiesUnitGrammage
Moisture Range%8±1.58±1.58±1.58±1.58.0±1.58.0±1.59.0±1.59.0±1.59.0±1.59.0±1.510.0±1.510.0±1.510.0±1.5
Skewnessmm≤ ±3
Internal BondmN.m≥ 121
Dirt countpcs/m2≤50

Feature of 1mm Grey Cardboard

Bright and clean surface, without deformation, delamination and arbitrary cutting.

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