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Orange Colored Paper Wholesale

Orange Colored Paper has a smooth surface and a bright color. It is neutral, make of pure wood pulp. Its finish is  electrostatically treated without dust particles.  It's perfect for wedding invitations, card making, scrapbooking, and more. The corners of the paper are cut evenly, without burrs and crumbs, and the size is uniform and tidy. The paper can be used for various three-dimensional handicrafts.

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Parameters of Orange Colored Paper

Orange Colored Paper Descriptions
Physical propertiesUnitTolerance
Stiffness(CD)  ≥mN.m222222222
Surface water absorption(Cobb60)≤Positiveg/m232
Printing surface strength ≥m/s2
Sizing degree ≥mm0.75
SmoothnessPositive ≥mm230
Back ≥30
Folding resistance ≥Times8
Dirt count ≤pcs/m25

Feature of Orange Colored Paper

The quality of both toughness and hardness is one of its highlights. In addition, it is pactical, economical and durable . With exceptional quality, Orange Colored Paper can be used in a variety of industries where elegance and usability are pursued.

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