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White Kraft Paper is one of the most versatile and popular paper types in the market. It is a natural white paper with a unique, smooth surface and high brightness. It is most commonly used for a variety of packaging applications, such as boxes, envelopes, and shopping bags. Its bright white color makes it an excellent choice for high-end commodity packaging, file bags, and standard envelopes. Its durability and strength also make it an ideal choice for box boards and liner paper. White Kraft Paper is a great choice for any packaging application that requires a professional, high-end look.

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Parameters of White Kraft Paper

White Kraft Paper Descriptions
Physical propertiesUnitTolerance
RCT (CD) (Strength)(Min)N.m/g (Kgf/152mm)4.805.005.506.006.508.008.509.009.509.50
Breaking Length(MD)(Min)Km4.
Internal Bond(Min)J/m2180180180160160160160160160
Surface water absorption(Cobb60)≤Positive(Max)g/m260606060606060606060606060
Moisture%8±28±28±28±28±28±28±28±28±28±28±28±28± 2

Feature of White Kraft Paper

White Kraft paper is crafted from 100% virgin wood pulp and is strong, durable, and highly versatile. It's also recyclable, biodegradable, and chlorine-free, making it an environmentally friendly option. Additionally, it is highly resistant to moisture and tearing, which makes it an ideal choice for protecting delicate items during shipping. 

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