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Eyelash Paper Boxes

Introducing our Eyelash Paper Boxes – an elegant and practical solution for packaging and displaying your favorite eyelashes. Our boxes are made from high-grade paper, with a smooth and glossy finish for a professional look. They are also lightweight and easy to assemble, making them the ideal choice for your business. Whether you're a home-based business or a large-scale retailer, our Eyelash Paper Boxes are an ideal way to store and transport your products.

Parameters of Eyelash Paper Boxes

UseEyelash Paper Boxes
SizeCustomized fit with your products ( set up new mold)
Material250gsm~1500gsm duplex greyboard;
700gsm~1800gsm Clay Coated News Back(CCNB);
190gsm~400gsm ivory board;
200gsm~1500gsm medium-density fiberboard (MDF);
Surface HandlingSpot UV, Gold / Silver hot stamping(foil),Silk screen printing,Embossing / Debossing
Shape1. Lid & Base Structure, almost for every kind of product;
2. flip the lid of the box
3. drawer box
4. magnet box
Wrapped PapersC1S/C2S Art Paper (150gsm~400gsm), Applicable to a wide variety of printing, and lamination.
White/Brown Kraft Paper(80gsm~250gsm), Applicable to a wide variety of printing, and lamination.
Special paper: special paper has special lines, can imitate other material's surface features, and looks like leather, wood, metal, etc, not available for printing, or lamination. (80gsm~250gsm)
AccessoriesPaper card, blister, EVA, Expandable Polyethylene(EPE), foamed plastics
Blister flocking, EVA flocking, EPE flocking, etc.
silk Liner

Advantages of Eyelash Paper Boxes

Eyelash Paper Boxes offer many advantages. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and customizable with a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes. They are also eco-friendly, timeproof, and can be recycled for multiple uses. Their easy-to-assemble design can help reduce shipping costs and store more products on shelves. They also provide protection against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

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